Nail Care In Winters

Once again it’s a winter time which means that you have to take extra care of your beauty regime. Whether its skin, hair, nails everything needs a special care during winters. Specially nails, as they loose moisture due to cold and become dry in this season resulting in chipping and breaking.

Here are few precaution you can take for a good nail health this season….

– Protein and Vitamin B are very important for healthy nails. Watch out your diet for these intakes, having eggs, beans, lentils, oats, spinach, bananas all help in nail growth.

Apply moisturizer without a fail, after showers and after washing hands especially. Whenever you clean your hands, apply a good non-scented moisturizer. This will keep the hands and nails hydrated.

Every night remember to massage your cuticles and nails with a cuticle oil or a good moisturizer. You can also use a lukewarm olive oil and coconut oil for the same. Put cotton gloves for protection thereafter.

Wearing gloves when you go out can protect your hands and nails from the harsh dry wind outside. Wear gloves while washing dishes and gardening too, so that they don’t come in direct contact of the chemicals.

Use a acetone free nail polish remover. Normal removers have acetone in them, which makes the nails super dry and if you use them again and again then its not good for their health. Remember to moisturize them right after you do so. Also wearing nail paints everytime is a very bad thing for nails. The chemicals and pigments present in it actually weakens your nails as it damages the protein layer of them, resulting in their discoloration. Try to minimize it’s use for healthy nails.

File nails in one direction only. When you do it to and fro, it actually weakens them from roots.

Precaution is better than cure, no matter how hard you take care but if you can avoid doing few things then nothing like that. Hot showers, washing utensils, excessive use of sanitizers and nail paints, nail polish removers, all hamper the good health of nails, so watch it out next time.

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