Habits which are bad for nail health

7 Habits Which Are Bad For Nail Health

Who doesn’t love having healthy and shiny nails. But some of your habits really rip off the good health of your nails. Here are some of those mistakes which you can work upon to achieve naturally healthy and shiny nails….

Biting nails– This one particular habit literally spoils your nails and make them look ugly…. yes ugly is the word for those chipped nails accompanied by swollen and sore skin. Please stop biting nails, not only biting nails make them look chapped, but it also helps in passing various germs to your mouth through those dirty fingers. Plus chipped nails and skin are more vulnerable to bacteria and fungal infection.

Using too much nail paintsNail paints have chemicals which with regular use makes your nails pale and lifeless. So before you re apply your favorite shades, please keep your nails paint free for some time.

Use less Acetone– Another big mistake which we make is using too much of nail paint remover. Nail paint consists Acetone which makes your nails more dry and more prone to breakage.

Don’t be harsh with nails– Stop wear and tear of nails by changing your habit of using your nails as a tool for doing household chores. Don’t use your nails to scratch off things off the surface.

Gel and acrylic nails are not good– You know how difficult it is to take off these nails. Dipping them in acetone for a long time and then scratching off the layer of these nails is really a harsh process. Doing this often bothers the growth and health of your natural nails.

Minimize use of water– Chlorine present in water is not good for nails and this is the reason why you should wear gloves before starting with daily chores.

Neglecting Nail and hand massage– Using a good oil like an olive oil or coconut oil for hand and nails massage will surely help in bringing back the lost glory and shine of your nails. Be consistent and do this every night before going to bed.

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