How to make manicure and nail art last longer

How To Make Manicure And Nail Art Last Longer

Manicured hands look beautiful and off course who doesn’t want to look that way. But its equally important for one to maintain the same beauty especially when you have nail art done on nails. Here are a few ways how you can take care of manicured hands….

Keep nails dry– So foremost important is to keep your hands and especially the nails dry. Wet nails are prone to catch fungal infection and therefore its important that you keep the manicured nails dry all the time. Keeping hands dry will also ensure that your manicure or the nail art done on the nails have a long life.

Use gloves– If you have to do some household chores then do make sure that you wear gloves and do that. This way you will be able to protect your hands from water, moisture and dust.

Do not use nails as tools– So if you are harsh on your nails and are always in a mood to scratch things with the help of your nails then beware, you will only end up making them fragile and more prone to breakage.

Remember not to bite the nails– Now since you just got your hands and nails done in a parlor you won’t want to spoil it deliberately, but if you have a habit of biting and chewing on nails then get rid of it immediately. It will only end up making your nails look dirty and you would not want to see it after spending so much money on nail art.

Do not use hot water– Hot water is not good for skin and hair and we all know this. It makes the skin and hair super dry and fragile and same is the case with the nails. Your nails and nail art will begin to break and chip if you use hot water.

Use moisturizers– Use a good hand moisturizing cream and cuticle oil for the best of the nail health. Make it a routine to apply a good moisturizer after bath and before bed.

Apply sealer– If you have invested in a nice nail art design which you want to keep for longer then try using a sealer whenever you feel that the design is breaking out.

Image reference- Photo by allison christine on Unsplash (free for commercial use), Original source

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