6 Ways To Do Nails This Summer

It’s summer time and you need to do your nails differently, well in sync with the season. And if you are a fan of nail art or just simply love doing nails differently every time, then we have got a few ideas for you. These ideas are simple which can be done easily at home without creating much fuss.

Colorful tips– Give your nude nail paints or even French manicure a twist by adding a few pastel shades to the tips. You can do the tips in single color or choose to pick up different shades to do so. You can also opt for straight colored tips, or one sided painted ones like in the picture.

Neon Shades– Neon shades is another thing which go best in this season. Pick any color from a wide range available online, and paint your world in the brightest color you want. And you don’t have to use many tricks to go for creating textures on them, as plain neon shades are enough to make your hands speak louder than your outfit.

Fruity textures– It feels nice to see fruity colors, textures and smell fruity fragrances in summer. But how about creating a fruity texture on your nails. Well its a great idea for your summer nail art project.

Multicolor pastels– And since pastel shades go best in summers, you can create nice rainbow nails with the use of different shades.

Floral art– Using floral motifs will give your summer nails a nice summerish look. You can either create the texture over bare nails or mix and match them over a contrast shade.

Floral tips– This nail art is very much in fashion nowadays. So if you have a hidden artist in you then do give this a try.

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