6 Cool French Manicure Designs You Can Create Using Colored Nail Paints

French manicure can be done in so many ways and has so many design variations. And though the classic version is done with the white nail paint on the tips, but here we have some very cool french manicure designs which can be done with colored nail paints…here they are…

Pick cool colors-Picking up cool shades in matte finish will give a very summerish feel to the nail art. Paint the tips of your nails in a powderish matte shade like powder blue, pink or grey color and use a fine tip brush to draw a black vertical line at the center.

Yellow sunshine– It’s summer time and therefore engaging in bright summerish colors is totally acceptable. Use bright or neon shades to create beautiful french manicure designs like this one.

Double colored tips– Tips of your french manicured nails can also be done in two different colors. You can pick soft contrasts like pastel blue and pinks, or go for bold contrasts like picking colors from altogether different colors families.

Multicolor– For a riot of colors, go for multicolor tips where you can use a different color on each nail. Just make sure that all the nail paints you choose to use are either matte finish or glossy. There shouldn’t be mixing of the two mediums as you already have so many colors for distraction.

Glitter nails– You can try this design for an evening out or for a party. Glitter nails will add a sexy look to your nails, perfect for any special occassion. But nowadays since we all are stuck at home, you can just do it for yourself to bring in a feel good factor.

Polka dots for fun– Polka dots are a great fun design element to add to your basic nail art designs, and the same goes for the french manicure designs.

Image reference- pinterest

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