Try French Manicure In Style With These Design Inspirations

French Manicure is back in fashion ever since it was seen at New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010. And though it was never out of fashion, this time it comes with varied styles to watch out for…..

Use glitter in muted shade-Traditional French manicure can look totally different with an addition of a glitter finger nail in subtle shade.

Use a fine glitter nail paint– For this style opt for a base nail paint in fine glitter instead of a plain base, and it will look wonderful. And you can also go for an opposite style where the tip goes all glitter and the base remains clean.

Use floral motifs to decorate– You can also take help of different motifs to decorate the nails.

Line them with sparkle– You can use silver glitter to line the tips of the nails. To add a bit of bling use matte silver stones to highlight a nail.

Double lining– And its not a rule to line just the fingertips with the white nail paint, well you can pair it with a bottom line too.

Try different designs– Go creative and try different designs along with the traditional french manicure.

Go colorful– You can also try out different shades and colors for the nail tips instead of going for a traditional white color.

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