Give A Touch Of Gold To Your Regular Nail Art Designs

It’s summer time and therefore we feel like using colors which are subtle and soothing, but why to keep it so boring.

Add a touch of gold to your nail art this summer to bring in some life and bling to your look.

Here are few design inspirations…

French Manicure style– Nails done in a french manicure style look beautiful but why to keep it simple when you can top it up with beautiful added patterns. Use a subtle nail color to make geometric patterns like bold lines and square shapes and then finish it up with small metallic pieces in gold.

Glitter nails– One of the easiest way to add bling to your nails is to use a glitter nail paint. This one is easily available and you can use it directly over the nails for a scattered effect. Or put a base coat of a transparent nail paint first, and then you can use the glitter nail paint over the tips of the nails for an effect like in the picture.

Transparent Foil nails– Use a base coat of a clear nail paint first, and when its still wet transfer the nail art foil sticker to create this look. Once it dries completely, top it with a finishing coat. Nail art foils are easily available online and they come in different shades and varieties like in a sticker form with adhesives, and the second type comes in a loose form without the adhesive. We would suggest you the previous one as it is easier to use.

Colored nail art with foil– Creating designs with a foil tape is quite easy. Idle for a night party you can create different patterns like this one in a half half style and use a strong contrast color opposite to the foil to make it stand out. How to create patterns like this, watch this video.

Foil Cutouts -You can also use cutouts of foil paper in triangular form to create a tilted design like this.

Summer beach look– Use the dry brush technique to create this lovely summer nail art design. Start by picking up a nice shade in powderish shades like a sea blue or a green, baby pink etc and combine them to create a look like this. Top it up with the traces of golden foil.

Shattered glass technique-A relatively new concept, this style gives a stained glass look and makes your nails shine like a mirror.

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