6 Nail Art Designs Which You Can Create With Simple Lines

Lines play a major part in creating design elements and the same is the case with various nail art designs. Here are a few designs which you can try using simple lines….

Vertical lines with colors– Simply paint your nails in vertical strokes leaving the sides bare, and after it dries up create vertical line on each nail with the help of a brush.

Use Horizontal lines– Similarly you can work horizontally to create a design like this. Its quite simple and very easy to do.

Mix and match– You can also go for mix and match designs where horizontal and vertical lines can be used over half painted nails.

Highlight nude nails– Creating single line patterns is a great way to highlight nude nails. It adds a texture and an interesting design element to the otherwise plain painted nails.

Team with french manicures– You can take your regular french manicure designs to an another level by adding these line elements.

Use single colors-If you plan to play it subtle then going for single color designs is also great.

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