Interesting Nail Art Ideas Which You Can Create Using Old Newspapers

Everyone like polished nails with eye catchy nail art designs on them. But do you know that you can create a simple nail art texture using just an old newspaper over your nails. Now nothing can get as simple as that. Here are a few design inspirations….

Simple style– You can choose a lighter shade nail paint as a base coat and use a few newspaper or magazine cuttings to create a texture over it. Don’t forget to use a top coat to seal the design.

Add a touch of sparkle– You can also use transparent sparkle nail lacquers as a top coat to jazz up a regular newspaper nail art design. For much effect create a dense pattern around the tips like in the picture below.

Use alternative motifs– Combine different motifs with the regular newspaper print if you feel that a single newspaper texture is too much for you. You can create these motifs on alternative fingers like this.

Flower power– You can also add a fresh breeze to your regular newspaper nail art designs by combining this texture with simple floral designs in contrast and bright colors.

Single motif– Sometimes little things do wonders, just like this single motif which breaks the monotony of the base texture in a simple yet unique way.

Ombre effect– If you know how to create an ombre effect on nails, then you surely know how to how to achieve this look.

Gradient effect– An interesting way to overpower the strong texture of newspaper nail art is to create gradient shades.

Bare nails-You can also mix and match bare nails with this interesting texture.

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