DIY Marble Nails

Originally developed by professional nail technicians in Japanese nail salons, water marble nails is a fingernail art technique involving dropping nail lacquers into clear water and creating a pattern on the water surface; the pattern is then transferred to the nails. There are two main types of water marble nail art methods: free-dragging and free-dropping. And you can also create water-free marbeled patterns with just the help of a needle.

Basically you have to first put a base coat over washed and clean nails. And do not forget to use a skin friendly adhesive all around the nails to prevent the nail paints to spoil the skin. You can then start with the nail art designs, once it dries completely get rid of the adhesive and use nail paint remover to remove any spills or marks of the nail paint over the skin. Finish the nail art with a transparent top coat. These two videos will show you how to create marble nails…..

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