Unusual life hacks with wet baby wipes

8 Unusual Uses Of Wet Baby Wipes In Daily Life

Baby wipes are multifunctional and there is so much you can do to make your daily life easier with the help of them. Here are a few hacks….

Remove makeup– One of the best known uses of baby wipes is to remove makeup gently. You will be amazed how smoothly a wet wipe removes fine traces of makeup in just a few seconds.

Soothe tired skin– If you are feeling tired and do not have time and resources ready for a cool water soak up, use a wet wipe. Just place a sheet on your face and relax for few minutes before wiping off all the dirt. You will feel more relaxed and cool.

Clean your leather bags and shoes– Consider using wet wipes for a gentle and fast cleaning of your leather footwear and bags. Wipes ensure that the cleaning is gentle and scratch free.

Use for your keyboard– Over a period of time the keyboards of the computer and desktop tend to attract dust, stains and germs. In order to clean and make them germ free use baby wipes to clean the keys gently.

Reuse empty wipes packets– Now some wipes come with a packing which had a lid sort of opening, for example wipes from Johnson and pampers have such mechanism. Such wipes packets can be reused after you are finished using the wipes. You can use these packets to store baby soaps, travel shampoo packs, medicines, jewellery and what not while you are traveling.

Clean up a leather sofa– To give an instant shine to your leather sofa clean it with a wet wipe, and this is how you can fix a dirty one when you have unexpected guests coming in.

Kids plastic toys and electronic remotes– Well its really difficult to clean electronic plastic toys, therefore grab a wet wipe and gently clean the surface of the toys to make them dirt and germ free.

Remove dye and paint stains– You can also remove the hair dye and the paint stains from your hands in minutes with the use of wet wipes.

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