Promote nail growth with these tips

Promote Nail Health With These Simple Tips

Its said that your nails say a lot about your overall health. Healthy nails look shiny, hard and clear. And if they are not, then its high time that you look for the reasons. But if you talk about the nail health in particular, then there are a few measures which can be taken to improve their overall health to avoid them from becoming brittle, chapped, pale and lifeless. Here they are…


Follow a good diet– If you thought that we would start with something fancy then you are mistaken. There is no no substitute to eating healthy food. Eat almonds, nuts, fish, eggs, banana, soy etc. and take vitamin B9 to promote nail growth.

Cuticle oil– Cuticle hold nails, and a good cuticle oil nourishes the cuticles. Healthy and nourished cuticles ensures that the nails grow healthier. Therefore invest in a good nail and cuticle oil and a make it a point to massage your nails and cuticles every night before going to bed. You can also make a quick DIY cuticle oil at home. Take coconut oil and olive oil in equal proportion and add a bit of vitamin E to this oil. Mix nicely and here you are ready with the best cuticle oil.

Use less of nail paints– If you really want to keep your nails healthy then you will have to give your nails a little free time to breathe. This means to use nail paints only when necessary and to remove them as soon as you are done with them.

Use Varnish free nail paints– The best nail paint to go for are the ones which are varnish free. Varnish in paints lead to make your nails weak and pale, so now you know why to avoid them.

Stop biting nails– You should get rid of this one habit as soon as possible. If you continue with it then nothing can help your nails grow and look healthy.

Use gloves– Whenever you do household chores especially while doing the dishes make it a point to wear gloves. Dipping your hands too much in water can make your nails weak and chipped.

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