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Nail Care For Healthy Nails

When you see someone with manicured hands and nails that are in a great shape, you wish if you could have the same. But maintaining nail health is not that easy. Though some are blessed with healthy nails others have to work out hard on them. Here are few general rules to make your nails and hands look their best….

Stop Biting nails– If you have this one habit then please get rid of it as soon as possible. No nail care can help you if you continue doing this. Salaiva makes them dry and more prone to breakage, plus biting and chewing them can also result in infection.

Keep your hand dry– Keep the nails dry for as long as possible, wet nails tend to break easily as they become more fragile. If you have to wash the dishes or do the laundry, then wear gloves as a protector to keep your hands safe and dry. Also the detergent used for household work  has harsh chemicals which in turn makes your nails dry and more prone to breakage.

Massage– A good massage is a necessary step for healthy nails. It promotes nail growth and provides nourishment by increasing the blood circulation around them. You can use almond or pure coconut oil for the massage routine.

Triming is important– It is said that cutting or trimming hair regularly promotes healthy hair and hair growth. And the same goes for the nails as well. To maintain cleanliness and good health always trim nails in regular intervals.

Do not paint them often– Painted nails might look appealing and gorgeous but the fact is that they are full of harsh chemicals which over a period of time makes your nails lifeless, dull and pale. Let them breathe before you paint them again.

Nail care kit– These kits are easily available online, invest in a good brand and follow the procedure mentioned in the packets.

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