7 Ways To Do Bridal Nails

If you are a bride to be, then a big congratulations from our side. By now you must have decided on your ensemble, makeup, jewellery, footwear and what not for the big day. But wait, have you decided on how you want your nails to look that day. Well don’t leave everything on the makeup artist and do a bit of research, infact he or she will love your inputs. So here are a few styles which you can follow to make your nails look perfect on your wedding day….

Nail art on red– Red and gold combination is the most common one, and if you have already opted for a lehnga in the same color combination then this is it. Take help of golden nailpaint and decorative stones to highlight the red nails.

Go contrast– And who said that it’s necessary to match the nail paint to the color of your lehnga, well you can go totally contrast to make a difference.

All glitter looks pretty– This nail art goes very well if you are wearing a fusion wear like a lehnga dress or even a western dress on a function like a cocktail. And if you are wearing a light shade attire, then definitely go for this style as nails will look more pretty in glitter than in any other matte shade. But choose the color of the glitter according to the embroidery of your dress, and keeping in mind the kind of jewellery you will be wearing with it.

Bare nails– You can also go for plain manicured nails onto which the nail art is done directly and the rest of the nail is left bare as is.

French manicure– Yes, some brides choose simply well manicured nails instead of going for fancy stuff.

Golden ombre– Ombre nails are anyways are a big thing in nail art. You can choose colors for the same or simply go for glitter nail paint to create an effect.

Half-Half style– You can choose a color and a glitter for this style along with some stones and other fancy stuff. Though you can also choose two different colors for this effect.

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