Make your own nail paints

Make Your Own Nail Paints With These Tricks

Creating your own beauty products is very satisfying. And when it comes to making your own nail paints, a few DIY tricks can be really helpful. You can take help of various ideas to create your own shades and colors. Here are a few of them….

Eye shadow– First of all choose the color of the eye shadow you wish to go for. With the help of a toothpick, scratch the eye shadow a bit. Now take a bottle of clear polish and add the powdered eye shadow in it. Now give this a nice shake and voila….. your very own DIY nail paint shade is ready.

Fevicol– Yeah you can also use fevicol to create a nail paint base. Take fevicol in a plate and add a color of your choice to it. Mix nicely and apply to your nails with a brush. For natural ingredients choose coffee, turmeric etc., or you can also use food colors.

Make glitter paints– You can also create your own sparkle or glitter nail paint. Purchase any toxin free glitter like from the brand Bioglitz etc. and use them to create your nail paints. Though you can take any sparkle or glitter of your choice. Add the glitter to any nail paint shade or just add it to a bottle of clear polish and your nails will love it.

Create your own shade– You can also mix two different shades of nail paint together and create a new one for yourself.

Explore DIY kits– Many DIY nail polish kits are available online. You can easily explore them if you really want to get into an interesting DIY project. They come with nail polish base, different colors to create and mixing instructions.

Image reference- Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash (free for commercial use) Original source

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