5 Ways To Organize Your Beloved Nail Paint Bottles

Nothing gives you more satisfaction than organizing and keeping your stuff in a neat and clean way. And if you are a nail paint girl, yes the nail paint girl…….. who loves her nail paint collection then who would understand this better than you, as organizing those tiny bottles at one place is like a dream to achieve. So here we have a few ideas and tricks for you to see your magic bottles all at one place.

Tiered style organizers– These are easy to find in fancy stores and are even available online. But you can also create them at home with an easy DIY project with the leftover plates lying at home.

Photo frame– Using an old photo frame to create a corner specially for your beloved paints is worth having. To keep the paints secure from falling, just add a wooden or cardboard wall behind the frame and create wooden panels all over the frame to keep your nail paints secure.

Magnetic board– Any old board would do the trick. You can stick magnetic sheet all over the board or simply use small pieces to distribute and paste all over. Now stick another piece of magnetic sheet on the nail paint and voila….you can now place them anywhere all over the board. Another thing which you can do is to use velcro balls in the same manner to create this super fun board.

Readymade organizers– You can also take help of multi tiered organizers which are easily available online.

The budget idea– Have a spare box lying at home. Well its easy to decorate it and use it as an organizer for your paints.

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