8 Ways To Highlight Your Nail Tips

You can do nail art in many ways, but if you are looking for something really minimal and classy then painting or highlighting the nail tips is one of the best ideas to go with. But if you think that there is only one way to do so then watch out for these pretty ideas which will make you fall in love with…..

White French nails– French manicure is one of the most loved choice of all those fashion lovers who wish to achieve clean and elegant nails. White highlighted tips looks great with bare nails.

Bling stuff– You can also highlight the nail tips with glitter nail paint, for example you can use gold, bronze or silver to paint the tips. This style will look great with bare nails or you can also use a glossy nude nail shade to create a base coat.

Color stint– If you love wearing colors then do consider this style. Using bright colors to highlight the nail tips is another great idea to go for. And if you don’t want bright and bold colors then you can also use light pastel shades to create a same look.

Glitter touch– You can also use glitter powder or glitter nail highlights to paint the tips. These paints or highlighter powders create a different texture than the basic glitter nail paints.

Tone on tone glitter– If you choose to paint your nails with a pastel shade nail color then the tips can also be done with a matching glitter shade.

Multicolor– Use multicolor nail shades to create a playful look. You can use a mix of pastel shades or go overboard with the bright and bold glossy shades.

Animal print– Animal print is an another print idea which you can create to highlight your nail tips. Though you can try any other print to do so but using an animal print will be really striking.

Floral print– Floral print highlights look very feminine and is great to try at least once.

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