How To Choose The Best Night Cream For Dry Skin?

How To Choose The Best Night Cream For Dry Skin?

Incorporating a skin glow night cream into the sleep schedule may appear to be a minor change, but it can make a substantial difference for people with dry skin. The appropriate formula can make drab, dry, flaky skin look radiant and hydrated in just eight hours. The best night cream for glowing skin goes above and beyond with specialized ingredients to tackle any skin type— not merely in terms of moisturisation.

An effective night cream relaxes and relieves inflammation, giving the skin a healthy glow. However, a night cream must be used daily for the best results.

Choosing The Best Best Night Cream for Dry Skin

Besides choosing the best night cream for glowing skin in India, it’s also essential to pick a suitable product for your skin to get the desired result. When shopping for a night cream, make sure to look at the ingredients. While you don’t have to know the nitty-gritty about every last ingredient, here are a few key components to help you make more informed decisions on selecting products for dry skin and to get a fair glow.

Ingredients in Night Cream

Night creams contain certain ingredients that help fight dryness and reverse damages. So, choose a cream with ingredients that have been scientifically proven to soothe dry skin.

Saxifraga Extracts

Saxifraga flower extracts are rich in antioxidants which aid in brightening the skin. They have an anti-dark solid spot, anti-discolouration, and anti-pigmentation effect. They aid in the regulation of tyrosinase levels in the skin, which are responsible for excessive melanin formation. Saxifraga extracts also have astringent effects that assist in tightening pores and levelling up the skin’s texture. While you sleep, the extract will repair dry skin and add a soft, natural glow to it.


Mulberries contain resveratrol, an antioxidant that protects skin from the effects of UV radiation. Antioxidants, which are abundant in mulberries, are excellent anti-ageing agents. They keep the skin glowing and wrinkle-free. Mulberries include antioxidants like beta-carotene, which neutralise free radicals that damage skin and produce fine wrinkles. So, a night cream rich in this ingredient will not only help to make dry skin softer but also make it look young and vibrant.

Milk Enzymes

Milk’s lactic acid aids in the removal of suntan and pigmentation. The presence of this ingredient in the night cream ensures skin-lightening effects along with softer skin. The regular use of a night cream with milk enzymes forms a thin protein layer on the skin that protects the skin from the effects of harmful UV rays. Milk enzymes also moisturise the skin to give it a natural radiance when you wake up in the morning.

You should choose night creams with these ingredients to fuse new life into your dry skin. One of such products is Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Skin Brightening and Nourishing Night Creme. It contains

the goodness of potent natural components like Mulberry, Grape, Saxifraga Extracts, and Milk Enzymes, which assist in restoring the lost radiance, allowing you to wake up with soft, subtle, and bright skin.

Benefits of Applying Night Creams For Dry Skin

We need certain protective measures at night, given that our faces can get covered in dust and other harmful chemicals during the day.

Hydration Boost

Night creams are thicker, denser, and more moisturising than day creams. Hydrated skin reflects naturally glowing skin, looking plump, lush, and healthy.

Ample Moisturisation

Our skin is vulnerable to seasonal changes, especially dry skin. Every night, using a night cream will ensure that the skin is moisturised and hydrated, leaving you with healthier-looking, glowing skin when you get up in the morning.

Natural Glow

The glow on the skin has a lot to do with the skincare routine. Use a deeply moisturising night cream containing ingredients like milk enzymes that hydrate the skin, giving it a healthy, radiant glow.


Night creams function works overnight to restore the skin’s lustre. It can not only make your skin look youthful but also helps in getting smooth, glowing skin. When used in conjunction with a good face regimen, night creams can do wonders for your skin.

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