Take care of dry and dull skin in winters

Avoid Dry And Dull Skin Problems With These Skin Care Tips For Winters

Dry and dull skin is the most common problem faced by everyone during winters. A few common mistakes and ignorance make our skin go worse in this season. In order to avoid these mistakes make sure that you go through these points and use them in daily lives….

Do not use hot water– First and foremost avoid using hot water on your skin and hair. Hot water makes the skin go dry and flaky very soon and you wouldn’t want that. Use lukewarm water to wash face and hands and avoid going for hot water showers. If you continue doing so no matter how expensive creme and lotions you use, everything will just go in vain.

Drink plenty of fluids– You cant miss on this. In winters fluid intake decreases to fifty percent compared to summers and therefore less toxins are removed from the body. Absence of fluids also results in dry and flaky skin. As a result the skin looks dull, dry and pimple and acne prone. The best is to keep having lukewarm water, juices, green tea etc. to keep the body and skin hydrated.

Use cream based cleansers– If you have a dry skin then its best to look out for cream based cleansers. Chances are that your regular face wash and cleanser might not be suitable for dry skin.

Use a mild scrub– Though winters does not calls out for exfoliating often, but when you do so remember to use a natural scrub which is gentle on skin as the harsh ones can really rip your dry skin off.

Apply moisturizer– Do not leave your skin unattended after cleansing aas the cold air can make it go more dry. As soon as you wash and cleanse our skin, remember to moisturize your skin immediately. This goes out for your hands and the rest of the body as well.

Do not overdo the heaters– Now if you like to be around hot blowers and heaters then do not expect your skin to look good. The sudden change in temperature will make your skin go worse.

Use a humidifier– You can also take help of humidifier to control the dryness in the air. This will help you a big time.

Cut down on alcohol and caffeine– Yes this is something which will help you a big way. Since alcohol and caffeine dehydrates your skin and body its best to stay away from them. If not you can use them in moderation and the same goes with smoking too.

Watch out your diet– Do not forget to take a proper balanced and nutritious diet. This is the most necessary step to achieve healthy and glowing skin. Eat a lot of green veggies which are available in abundance in winters and eat lots of seasonal fruits and nuts.

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