Tips for chapped lips in winters

Get beautiful Lips This Winter And Say Bye Bye To The Chapped Ones With These Tricks

Winters brings a lot of skin problems along with it. Be it dry skin, itchiness or cracked lips, well the list is long. But cracked lips is something which everyone will agree to, since its one of the most common beauty problem of this season. Extreme whether conditions along with dry cold air makes the uncovered part of the body like hands, face and lips to go dry and crack easily. But with little care and effort you can surely prevent or heal these conditions. Here are a few tips to take care of your lips in winters….

Exfoliate– If you have chapped lips, the first thing you would want to do is to get rid of the dead skin, as whatever you apply before to it will all go in vain. Use a home remedy to do so, like use lemon and sugar to get rid of the dead skin.

Nourish– Once you are done removing the dead skin nourish your lips with aloe vera gel. Gently massage fresh aloe vera gel all over your lips and wash off after 5-10 minutes.

Moisturize– This is the last step to keep your lips healthy. You can use fresh coconut oil or malai or ghee to nourish your lips. It will help the cracks to heal faster while providing essential nourishment for healthy skin.

Pack– Once or twice a week make sure to apply a homemade pack of honey mixed with lemon juice to keep your skin healthy and supple.

Drink plenty of water– Keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of fresh water. In winters we tend to feel less thirsty and as a result we don’t drink much water to keep ourselves hydrated. This results in chapped lips along with dry skin. So make sure to drink plenty of liquids in the form of fresh fruit juices, soups and water.

Use chemical free products– The chemicals present in your lip balms and lipsticks can really harm your lips making them look dull, pale, dry and chapped. Especially if you use these products daily. Well the best is to switch for natural products and to minimize the use of these products as less as you can. Lip balms and lipsticks with shea butter will definitely work for you.

Less of alcohol consumption– Alcohol makes your skin go dry, and if you are the one who love to overindulge in the same then you would definitely would want to cut on that.

Stop licking– And if you are doing everything and still you have one bad habbit of licking or biting your lips then nothing will work ever. You need to stop doing it right away.

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