Fake full lips by creasing them

Fake Big Lips With These Easy Steps

A fuller pout definitely makes a big difference when you want to get dressed up for a special occasion. Reason being, fuller lips give you a larger canvas to paint them and hence make your face look really attractive while you put on makeup. But what if you have thin to really thin lips. Well you can always crease them and go a little up by faking the natural lip lines. How, well here is the trick…..

Exfoliate– Just when you start your makeup simply exfoliate your lips gently so that the blood circulation becomes more active, resulting in making them look healthier and a bit of plump. It will also ensure that you get rid of the dead skin from your lips, making them feel more smooth and soft.

Use peppermint oil– Use a peppermint oil or balm to make the trick of fuller lips work. Peppermint oil simply make the lips look more plump, just apply it 5-10 minutes before you start putting lip makeup to give you better results.

Crease them well– Now this video shows you exactly how to crease your lips with the help of a lip liner to make them look bigger and fuller.

Use a matching lipstick– Pick up a lip color which is close to the shade of your lip liner, otherwise you will end up creating fake outlines around your lips. Its also very very important to blend the lip color and the lip liner well to achieve a natural look.

Go for natural shades– Now something which is not natural and you want to fake it at the same time, then obviously it cannot be made so loud for other to catch it instantly. Therefore play safe, and use natural to medium tone shades to make your fuller lips trick look more natural.

Image by Mohamed Nohassi From Unsplash (Free For Commercial Use) Image Source

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