Get Fuller Lips Naturally

Often we envy people who are blessed with a fuller pout as having fuller lips looks sexy, seductive and bold.

But do not worry here are few tricks which you can follow to achieve fuller lips for a temporary period though….

Lip exercises– Research on the internet and do various lip and facial exercises which will help you to achieve fuller lips naturally.

Though the process may be slow but then its all natural. For lip exercises watch the video here….

Exfoliate– Well the first step to any beauty treatment begins with cleansing and exfoliating or scrubbing. The basic lip science says that even and smooth lips reflect more light than the flaky ones, making them look fuller naturally. Scrubbing helps in achieving an even lip texture by removing dead skin cells and chapped skin which make them look ugly otherwise.

Try to use a natural sugar, honey and lemon scrub which helps in removing impurities from the skin. A good massage while scrubbing ensures a good blood circulation, which in turn makes the lips look fuller for a temporary period. You can also use a toothbrush while scrubbing, but do it gently otherwise you would end up wounding your lips.

Lip plumping– Massage your lips with a lip balm having peppermint essential oil before applying a lip color, it not only leaves a cool sensation but also triggers the blood circulation making the lips look fuller. Otherwise you can also use different lip plumping products which are available in different forms like a stick, gel or balm.

Apply concealer or foundation– Just like you do facial makeup, a concealer or a foundation help in preparing an even base for the makeup or in this case for the lip color. If you have thinner lips then this trick will really help you out in creating a larger canvas for fuller lips. Just pat a little bit of concealer or foundation over the lips and spread it evenly all over.

Use lighter shades– You will have to admit the fact that darker shades are not for the ones who have thin lips.It accentuates the lip contours and make them look more flat. Instead go for lighter shades in nudes or light pinks and peaches or even brown.

Use gloss– Glossy lipsticks reflect light and therefore makes your lips look bold. Use lip gloss and lighter shades of lipsticks in gloss for this trick. You can also apply a coat of transparent gloss over your matte lipsticks.

Create fake contours– If you are a makeup expert then follow a simple trick of creating fake lip lines with the help of a lip liner and then fill the inside part. But remember not to overdo it.

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