5 Ways To Treat Foot Pain After Wearing Heels

Those pointed heels look seductive and fashionable, but we all know what harm they do to the body and moreover what they do to the foot.

Wearing them often is not a great idea but holding them back for special occasions is great.

Though sometimes you have to pay the price of fashion by hurting your foot, but here are few tricks which will help you relieve foot pain after wearing heels….

Ice pack– Ice helps in relieving pain instantly, it soothes stressed muscles by calming them down. Just put few ice cubes in a cloth and wrap it around, use this potli on the effected area and it will be really helpful in bringing down the pain.

Alternatively you can also put a water bottle in freezer and take it out when the water freezes. Roll this water bottle under your heels and feet and it will feel like a bliss.

Hot water dip– Dip your feet in a bucket full of hot water till 15-20 minutes, the heat from the water will ease out the pain by relaxing the muscles and increasing the blood circulation. You can also add normal salt or Epsom salt in this water as salt is known to absorb the pain. Vinegar is an another remedy which can be added in a hot water bucket and will work like salt.

Stretch your body– Well not only the feet, but stretch the whole body the moment you take off those heels. Since your feet are trapped inside a tight footwear for a long time, they need to breathe and relax the moment they are off. Stretching helps in relaxing the muscles and ensures a smooth blood circulation which helps in easing out the pain.

Massage– A good foot spa therapy can kill the pain in a big way. When in pain, massage the foot with a good moisturizer and it will soothe out the sore muscles.

Use gel insoles and heel cushions– These products help you big time in fighting the pain as they provide a good amount of cushioning under your feet and heel areas.To know more about them watch the video here

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