Take Care Of Your Hair With These Steps In Monsoon

We all love monsoon because of so many reasons, but it also brings so many hair and skin related problems with it.

Hair fall, hair breakage and oily hair are the biggest problems which almost all of us face during this season. But with little care we can overcome these problems to a great extend.

Here are few tips to keep hair health upto the mark in monsoon…..

Oiling– It is important to oil your hair at least once in a week. Oiling provides the much needed nourishment to the dry and rough hair and to the scalp. It is also a deep conditioner which opens blocked pores and helps in providing the strength to the roots.

Choose a light fragrance free hair oil as something like almond and mustard will block the pores. Since the hair is already sticky during this season, so once a week oiling or maximum twice would be good enough.

Shampoo– Cleansing your hair twice a week is a must, use a mild cleansing shampoo as a strong one will damage the hair in a long run. Maintaining a good hygiene is a must if you want to prevent them from breakage. Since the hair becomes sticky and dirty in this season, its better to keep the roots clean all the time so that they remain healthy and dirt free.

Conditioner– Use a good conditioner after a shampoo. Using conditioner helps in locking the moisture and nourishment which helps in keeping the hair frizz free. But again do not overdo it or else it will make the hair more sticky.

Dry hair– Keeping the hair dry all the time is very very important in this season. Dry your hair immediately after a bath as it will help in less breakage. Also do not forget to shampoo and dry the hair immediately after enjoying a good rain shower. Rain water is acidic and it does a lot of damage to the hair, so wash the hair properly after a rain bath.

Watch your diet– You will love digging into pakora’s and fried food in this season, but believe us its not good for you in a long run. Not that you should stop eating them but watch out for excessive indulgence. Have more of fruits, green leafy vegetables and food rich in protein, iron and Omega 3 fatty acids like walnuts, spinach and curd.

Cover your hair– Think out for options how you can keep your hair covered with a scarf as doing this will help them from absorbing extra moisture from the atmosphere.

Carry an umbrella– Most importantly carry an umbrella every time you step out of home as you never know when a downpour can ruin your recently washed hair.

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