How to tame baby hair

Ways To Tame Your Baby Hair

Flyaway’s or baby hair is one of the most common hair problem faced by most of us. The reason is dry and frizzy hair which leads to hair fall and then comes your baby hair. So flyaway’s are really not bad because it actually means that your hair is growing. But stylish such hair is a nightmare and here is what you can do to treat it…

Toothbrush– It’s one of the oldest and the most efficient trick to say bye to baby hair and flyaway. All you have to do is to spray hairspray on your hair and settle all the baby hair with the help of a toothbrush. But using hairspray everyday is not a solution, so we suggest using hairspray on the toothbrush and then applying it to the hair so that the hairspray doesn’t damage your hair with regular use.

Dry sheets– Dry sheets help reducing the static and therefore settles the baby hair gently. Try running it over your hair for flyaway’s to settle down.

Try different hairstyles– Fringed hairstyle or messy look hairstyle’s will definitely save you from the embarrassment when your hair looks as if you just got an electric shock. You can also try side parting hairstyle’s which really help minimizing the effect of baby hair ruining your look.

Use a comb instead of the brush– Hairbrush produces more static which then pulls your baby hair to come out. So use a comb instead of the brushes. Wooden comb are definitely the best one.

Use hand cream– Using Hand creams is a really quick solution to settle down the flyaway’s when you have no other option or resources to use. Simply use it to moisturize your hands like you normally do, and when the skin absorbs the cream run your fingers over the baby hair’s. The moisture present in your hand will settle down the flyaway’s instantly.

Change your hair care products- Dry and frizzy hair add to the problem of flyaway’s, as dry hair is more prone to hairfall. So investing in a low chemical good quality shampoo and conditioner will help you a lot.

Follow a strict hair care regime– Apart from all this one thing which is super super important is to look after your hair health. Know what is your hair type and accordingly follow a strict hair care regime, needlessness to say with proper hair care products. Proper oiling, cleansing, conditioning is very very necessary to reduce hairfall and to treat the problem of baby hair.

Apply serums– You can simply use readymade serums to smoothen out your hair instantly which settles down the baby hair like a pro.

Eat right– Eat right food otherwise nothing will help you. Remember there is no short cut to good health and success. Take your vitamins supplements and drink lots of water.

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