Benefits of oiling hair regularly

5 Benefits Of Oiling Your Hair Regularly

Good hair is not a matter of luck and it doesn’t comes by chance. Well like you take care of your body and skin, likewise you have to take care of your hair and scalp to flaunt healthy and voluminous hair. And oiling your hair in routine helps your hair and scalp health in many ways….

Promotes blood circulation– A good hair massage not only makes you feel relaxed but also promotes good blood circulation which in turn helps in healthy growth of hair.

Get rid of dry scalp and hair fall– A dry scalp results in dandruff and hair fall. The hair may also feel frizzy and get entangle easily which in turn leads to breakage. Oiling the hair and the scalp regularly, provides the much needed nutrients and therefore results in good healthy hair.

Provides nutrients to the scalp and hair– A good shampoo and conditioner however good they may seem don’t work so efficiently like the way a hair oil does. A hair oil penetrates deep in the roots and in the hair and therefore provides the much needed nourishment.

Promotes hair growth– The hair goes through so much dirt, sweat, pollution and what not. And in the course of time it looses the nutrients to promote hair growth. So in order to promote hair growth and to keep hair fall under control be regular with your oiling routine.

Get strong and shiny hair– Eventually when there is good blood circulation and the hair and the scalp get deep nourishment, the end result goes good. Therefore a routine hair oil regime is very very important for strong and shiny hair as it provides all the nutrients needed for good hair health.

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