Hair spa at home

Hair Spa At Home Guarantees Good Hair And Healthy Scalp

A hair spa is not just about pampering the hair with a massage, but it also provides nutrients to the hair. Dull and frizzy hair can get a new life if they are given this treatment from time to time as it cleanses and conditions hair from deep within. A regular hair spa consists of the five main steps like, Oil massage, steam, shampoo, hair mask and shampoo again. And you do not have to go to an expensive parlor to take this treatment as you can easily do it at home. These are the steps to shiny and healthy hair….

Oil Massage– Start by choosing an oil of your choice. In summers you can use coconut oil and in winters go for almond, olive etc. You can also mix these oils for added benefits. After you have decided on an oil of your choice, just heat it a bit and add a few drops of vitamin A oil to it. Check the temperature and apply lukewarm from the roots till the tips of the hair. Massage with fingertips for 4-5 minutes.

Steam– Once you are done with the massage, simply wrap a hot towel around the hair for the roots to open up and take the oil nicely. Leave for half an hour. You can also oil your hair a night before the treatment which means the steaming process will have to be done right after an oil message.

Shampoo– Afterwards or the next day, shampoo the hair with lukewarm water to remove all the traces of oil gently and nicely. Remember not to use hot water over your hair.

Hair mask– Now you can either use a ready-made hair mask available in every leading brand, or you can also create a DIY hair mask at home with all natural ingredients. Apply it nicely all over the hair and roots and leave it for 30 minutes.

Shampoo– After 30 minutes shampoo nicely and let the hair dry naturally.

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