6 Bun Hairstyle You Can Create Using A Scarf For Monsoon

Scarf is a multi functional fashion accessory which can be used in many different ways. You can tie it around the neck or simply use it to cover your hair and so many more. And not only this, but it also changes its use according to the occasion and season. For example in monsoon you can try different knots to use it as a hair accessory to create pretty hairstyle’s. These colorful scarfs look cool and also protect your hair at the same time. Here are these pretty knot ideas which you can create using simple bun….

Tie a bun– When you just want to relax, or do not have much time to spend on creating hairstyle then go for a simple bun. Now what makes this simple hairstyle unique is the use of a scarf as a hair accessory. And incase if it rains, untie the scarf and use it to cover your hair to avoid them the rain contact.

Front twist– And instead of using the scarf around the bun you can also tie it as a hairband to secure the hair. A simple front twist scarf style is perfect to add colors to your look.

Leave the ends loose– If you want to flaunt the scarf in a better way then this is one style you can bet on. Make a high bun and simply tie the scarf at the back leaving the ends free. You can also match this look with oversized loop earrings as they both go well with each other.

The messy look– If you are aware of this hairstyle where you take help of a hairband to create a back bun, then you know what this is. You just replace the hairband with a scarf and roll over all the hair into the scarf to make a messy low bun.

The bow style– A simple style where instead of tying the ends at the back you tie them at the center front, in a way that it looks like a bow.

The back bow style– A messy low bun with the scarf detailing is all you need for a bad hair day which is a frequent thing during monsoon.

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