4 Ways To Look Fashionable In A Winter Scarf

Scarf is a multipurpose fashion accessory which looks million dollars in winters. But to repeat this accessory again and again you need to experiment with it to look different every time. Here are different ways to wear a winter scarf

Take it sideways– For a fuss free, elegant and chic look fold the scarf in clean pleats first, and then wear it on one shoulder. Secure it with a belt on the waist.

The Cape Style– Simply wrap a big size scarf around yourself and secure it with a belt at the wist. This style will fake a cape look and is great to wear with denims.

Jacket look– A trench-coat or a jacket can have a peek-a-boo style with a printed scarf peeping in from one side like in the picture.

Wrap it around– To beat the cold in style you can try to wrap the scarf like this. Gather a bit and pin the end at the back, then wrap it all around and drape the extra fabric at the front.

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