5 Ways to wear scarf with a pantsuit

Pantsuits are hard to accessorize, but one accessory which will always make this attire look more chic is a scarf. And no a scarf is not just meant to be worn around the neck, but you can use it more creatively as well. Watch out here….

Wear it over one shoulder– Fold the scarf in half and simply hang it over one shoulder. You will have to slightly pin it up here to keep the scarf fastened.

Belt it up– The same scarf drape can be worn with a belt at the waist. You can also drape and pleat the scarf like a saree palla on the shoulders.

Bee-a-boo look– How about giving your pantsuit a peek-a-boo look. For this drape the scarf inside the pantsuit and stretch it on the opposite side. You will have to give buttons a miss here, rather use a belt to fastened the jacket and the scarf together.

Turn it into a belt– If you want to throw some bright colors to your pantsuit then use a scarf as a belt and it will look striking.

Use it as a scarf– Yes, you heard it right…. use a scarf like the way it is used generally. A printed scarf will always add to your dressing and throwing it casually around the neck will make the pantsuit look more gorgeous.

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