5 Chic Ways To Wear A Scarf

Scarf is a great accessory which can be used in so many ways and never fails to impress, irrespective of the fact how you take it.

But it is not only meant to be taken around the neck, but you can flaunt it in so many other ways as well.

Here are few quirky ideas which will help you to make the most of this accessory.

Use it as a bag accessory– Considering the shape and the style of your bag, you can use a scarf to highlight it. A scarf can be wrapped around in a bow style for sling bags or just tied around casually on one side.

You can also wrap it around the handles of the bag to give it a colorful look.

Better as a belt-If you have a scarf which you totally love and do not leave a chance to use it, then this is the idea. Ditch your leather belts and use a scarf as a belt with your denims and skirts. It adds a vibrant charm to your attire. You can also wrap it around your regular belt and make a bow at the front with the remaining fabric.

Tie it around your wrist– Use scarf around the wrist to give it a look of a bracelet. You can wear it with the watch or even club it with delicate chain bracelets. For more watch the video here…

The best foot accessory– Using it around your foot gives a very peppy feel to the attire. It looks stylish and can be worn with flats and heels.

Brighten up your hairstyle– Whether making a plaid or a bun at the back, remember to add a scarf as a hair accessory and it will add a colorful touch to the hairstyle.

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