5 ways to use a printed scarf with plain sweaters and sweatshirts

A printed scarf adds a chic touch to your look. And needless to say that it adds so much elegance to your dressing that it is one of the most loved fashion accessory of all times. Therefore this fact makes it a must have accessory in your wardrobe. But how do you use it in winters…..well we have a few ideas for you which will make your plain sweaters and sweatshirts look imposing in winters.

Front knot style– Got a plain sweatshirt…..well this is how you can use a printed scarf to look chic. Simply tie it like a muffler around the neck and tie the ends at the front. For a monotone look pick a scarf with matching colors.

Shawl style– You can also make your sweater look more interesting by adding a printed scarf around the shoulders. Fold the scarf in half like to make a triangle and then drape it around the shoulder. Now simply pull the middle part and tie on one side.

The cowl style– Now this one is the most common style but it never fails to impress. You can easily wear a jacket or an overcoat with this look.

Simple knot– You can also keep things simple and use an easy knot like this on your sleek scarf.

Use it the choker style– How about using a twilly scarf as a choker with your favorite box sweater.

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