4 hairstyle Ideas to wear with a Jada

Traditional hair accessories can instantly brighten up your look. One such accessory is a Jada. It comes in varying designs but whatever its design my be, it always looks fascinating and gorgeous. And you can style it with so many hairstyles….

Loose braid– A very very loose braid can be styled with a jada, especially if the jada has a comb or a clip style upper. It will keep the side hair at place and the rest of the messy hair will look just awesome.

Keep them loose– You can also keep the hair open and work upon it further. A front puff or side braids would be perfect to go with loose hair. You can further decorate the loose hair with this hair accessory.

Gota braid– Side braids done along with a back braid is a perfect hairstyle to wear a jada accessory. Simultaneously you can also tie gota ribbons to your braid. This will make the hairstyle look more noticeable.

The bun style– And off course, you can also wear it the traditional way. A bun adorned with garjra and a braid accessorized with a jada will look gorgeous with traditional outfits.

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