4 Jada Styles Which Go Perfectly With An Open Hairstyle

Jada is an Indian bridal accessory which is quite popular among the south Indian brides. But since fashion knows no boundaries therefore it is now used by the brides of all the regions. And the elaborate traditional designs are now replaced with contemporary designs which are perfect to wear for pre wedding functions. We generally see this hair accessory on a braided hairstyle but here are a few ways to flaunt a jada with an open hairstyle. Here they go…..

Band style– A band style jada is perfect for those who want to have an elaborate ornate for their hairstyle. It goes all the way on both the sides and can be adjusted as per the requirement.

Broach style– A broad broach is the highlight of this style to which the rest of the jada is attached. Go for this style if you wish to keep things a bit subtle.

Floral way– Taking inspiration from this traditional jewelry style, floral jada’s are also available easily now. It is the best thing to go for when deciding jewelry for your Mehndi or Haldi function.

Asymmetric style– If the regular designs don’t interest you then go for asymmetric designs like this one and you will surely make the heads turn.

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