5 Ways To Do Gota Braids For The Bridal Look

Well a bridal braid can be highlighted in many ways. Many accessories and jewelry pieces are available to do so, but if you are an avid gota lover then this article is for you. To give your braids an ornate look add gota to them and you will definitely make the heads turn. Here are a few hairstyle ideas to go for…..

Clean look Double braid with thick gota– Wrapping a thick gota lace all around the braid will make your simple hairstyle look so ornate. But what makes this hairstyle even more special is that it is not a regular braided style, infact the hair is simply parted equally in two lengths and the gota lace is used to highlight the same.

Heavy gota work braid– Pick up on a gota kiran lace to achieve a fringed look like this one. You can match ghungroo lace with the same to add a special touch to this hairstyle. Use heavy paranda at the bottom of the braid to complete this look.

Messy braid with real flowers– A messy hairstyle looks so mesmerizing with the traditional gota braid. Add a touch of love to this hairstyle by using some matching flowers all over at the top.

The gajra touch– You can combine white pearls along with the gota lace to highlight your braid if your outfit is done in subtle colors with gold and pearl embroidery. Addition of mogra flowers or the gajra will further enhance the look of this hairstyle.

Gota motifs and tassels– You can also mix different gota motifs and tassels in different sizes and colors to highlight your braid. Do this in an all over pattern, or you can also choose to go light to dense just like in the picture.

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