4 Basic Bridal Hairstyles Which Are Perfect For Every Indian Bride

There are so many hairstyle options to choose from nowadays, but there are some really basic ones which form a base for other versions. Likewise these are some basic hairstyles which any bride can go for…….

Classic bun– A classic bun will never go out of fashion for an Indian bride. Its a fuss free style which keeps your hair intact for the day. You can choose several variations of the bun though, like the plain one or the one with the braided style at the front, or even the puff hairstyle. Use fresh flowers of your choice and even here you can play with different materials and design.

Plait at the back– Back plaiting was very common earlier and it has gained popularity once again. Several hair accessories like braid cover and jada can be used to accessorize your hairstyle here. Depending the kind of look you want you can also use pearls or fresh flowers or even gota laces to accessorize you plait. Go for a clean middle parting at the front, or go for a messy look by adding fringes on one or both the sides at the front.

Open hair– Styling your wedding look with an open hair has become the latest loved style amongst the brides. Its little difficult to carry though but if you are ready then nothing like flaunting your tresses. Choose a headband style maangtika to jewel your hairstyle and you will rock this look.

Fake bun look with back plait– Using gota lace for the plait is the latest trend in bridal fashion. So going for a double braid is a great option to adorn your hair with the gota laces. Using a lot of fresh flowers at the start of the braid will also give a fake bun look.

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