3 Ways To Wear Your Bridal Veil Differently

This article is for all those brides who are constantly trying to explore different things and alluring looks for their wedding day. And if you are thinking of how to wear a bridal veil differently then we have some really amazing ideas for you. A veil is an important part of the Indian bridal attire and there are many different ways to carry it, but these ideas will surely impress you to core. Have a look…….

Place it halfway at the back– You can pair your veil with fresh flowers like this. Cover the head halfway with the veil and decorate it with fresh flowers all over. Use small and pastel shades flowers to achieve a look like this.

Highlight with an embroidered broach– You can also plan the look of the veil in advance and get it custom embroidered to match your attire. A broad broach kind of embroidery can be done on one corner and this corner can be used as an additional head accessory for your big day.

Place it over a bun– Gajra buns are very common for any Indian bride, but how about covering the same with your veil or dupatta. Use gajra and other floral stands just above it and it will look so appealing.

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