4 Bun Hairstyle For Those Who Love Minimal Fresh Flower Detailing

A bun hairstyle can be accessorized in so many ways. You can use ready made hair accessories like a clip or a broach etc., but nothing beats the grace of using fresh flowers. But if you are the one who believes in minimalism, then we have a few bun hairstyle ideas for you which gives your hairstyle a minimal dose of accessorized look.

Side braid– Side braided hairstyle tied at the back in a bun style can have small sized fresh flowers tucked in in bunches or single single on the braid. You can use flowers like mogra, champa for this look.

All over look– You can also choose for an overall pattern where the flowers buds can be arranged all over the bun. You can also use pearl or stone bobby pins to arrange the flowers and they will be a nice addition to the overall look.

Beads and flowers– The best way to make your messy bun look more special is to add tiny little flowers all over. You add a bunch of these, like two or three of them together for a striking look. Fill in the gaps in between with beaded pins.

Below the bun look– If you want to use whole flowers but do not want them to look too much at the same time, then try this style. Whole flowers can be used to hold the bun at place from beneath, where the flowers can be hooked at the bottom of the bun. This little peek-a boo style is great to flaunt.

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