5 Ways to style a bun with floral accessories

Floral accessories look really striking with any kind of a hairstyle. They add a feminine touch to your look and add a gorgeous touch to your hairstyle. But using them in an abstract way is way more popular now than using it the regular way. These are a few ways to add a feminine touch to your regular bun hairstyle…

The messy braid– Side braids done in a loose messy way can be given a clean finished look by adding a nice hair broach or a clip placed on one side.

A loose bun– A loose messy bun will look great when paired with an eye catchy hair broach on one side.

High rise bun– If you are planning on having a high rise bun, then this is what you should watch out for. Roses done halfway through the bun look really striking.

Side Braid– A one side braid paired with a loose bun will look great with the addition of a few real flowers on one side.

The extended version– You can also extend the side broach or the flower set up on one side, up-till front. It will give a crown look to your hair.

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