5 Ways To Ornate Your Bridal Braid Apart From Gajra

Braids are fuss free and easy to carry, and needless to say that they go with the traditional as well as with the contemporary modern day look. But using gajra or mogra flowers is not what always makes it looks interesting. Well there are many more ways to do so and here are a few to explore….

Flower broaches– Simple and elegant flower broaches are easily available. You can take help of these hair accessories to highlight the braid at equal distances.

Single flowers– You can also go in for real flowers to match your attire. A pair of earrings with an extended chain style hair broach will compliment the look georgeously.

Use jewellery pieces– One can also use small jewellery pieces to ornate the bridal braid. And the pieces do not have to be matching, well they can be in in different shapes and sizes.


Bun style– You can also fake a bun by adding a few layers of the flowers at the nape of the neck. The rest of the braid can be decorated either with flowers or jewellery as per your wish.


Multicolour look– This kind of floral arrangement done with multicolour flowers looks best on a loose braid. You can pick as many colours, and this whole arrangement will give you a fairytale look.


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