Bridal Buns Look Surreal With Addition Of Pearls

Bridal hairstyle is as important as her attire. How to do it is planned way before just like how the makeup and the garment to be worn is decided beforehand. But there are so many ways to do a bun and using pearls is one of them. Here are a few ideas for this style…..

Mix of pastels– If your attire is done in pastel shades then using a concept like this is great. A mix of pink and white flowers adorned and embellished with pearls in different sizes look simply surreal.

The traditional look– For a perfect traditional look you can choose colors like red and white. While the rose petals can cover the bun with the help of pearl pins, the traditional white gajra can be used to complete and finish the look.

Modern look– To create a modern contemporary look you can ditch the traditional mogra flowers and go for something like this.

Multi color flowers– Using a mix of different colored flowers from the same color family looks great too. Add an elegant touch to the hairdo by mixing pearl beads over the flowers.

Pearls all over– You can also cover the bun fully with the pearls and then complete the look by adding a few flowers all over.

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