8 Basic Bun Ideas To Choose From

Most of the times you end up repeating the same hairstyle again and again. Especially with the buns, as bringing variation in bun hairstyle is not an easy task. But not now as this list of different buns will definitely help you get more ideas….

The Topknot– One of the easiest of all the bun ideas is a topknot bun. It gives a very edgy look and can be made in seconds. So whenever you are running out of time, try this out.

Ballet bun– Ballet bun can also be called a donut bun, as readymade donut shaper gives quick and clean results. A donut shaper is easy to use and with just one or two quick experiments you can start making a perfect ballet bun.

Messy bun– This category needs no introduction as it is the most commonly used, and one of the most loved bun types.

Double bun– This very girlish and feminine bun type is perfect to flaunt on special occasions. You can choose to make it complete messy, or keep this style combed and clean.

Beehive– A typical 80’s look, this bun style is great to add volume to your hair and bun in a dramatic way.

Braided bun– If you want to add a volume to your bun then using braiding method to create one would be best. Simply braid your hair in a pony and use the pony to create a voluminous bun.

French bun– One of the most cleanliest of all the bun styles is a french bun which holds every single hair at place. It is also one of the most elegant looking bun which you can try combining with a formal wear.

Fishtail braided bun– Using fishtail braid to create a bun has become very popular. Needless to say that this hairstyle looks super contemporary and graceful.

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