6 Ways To Rock A Bun Hairstyle With The Saree

Back bun hairstyle go perfectly with Indian outfits, especially with the saree‘s. But you can make buns in so many different ways and here are a few options for you..

Side parting– If you want a clean retro kind of hairstyle then go for side parting bun. It looks clean, sexy, chic and looks great on oblong and oval face cut. If you have baby hair then side parting is one of the best thing to go for to solve this problem.

Middle parting– Sleek middle parting is one of the most common hairstyle which has become very popular since a few years. Well all thanks to Sabyasachi for reinventing this hairstyle in his photoshoots. It is a perfect style to combine with a bun hairstyle and looks gorgeous with traditional Indian outfits.

Side braiding-If you want to add a bit of style to the front or side hair then how about braiding the side hair with the back bun.

Side twists– If braiding seems a bit tough for you then simply twist the side hair. It’s a quick hairstyle which will never fail to impress. Also it adds a bit of bounce to the front hairline.

Front puff– If you want a raised hairstyle or a puff at the front then this is the perfect way to go for it. But remember to have a balanced puff all over, because the one which is only in the middle will make you look like a hen.

Messy Bun– Messy bun is also a great hairstyle which has found many takers in the recent times. It looks very contemporary and is a fuss free hairstyle which you won’t have to take much care off.

Image reference- Pinterest

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