6 Bridal Hairstyle With Pearls Which Are Truly Mesmerizing

Bridal hairstyles are generally adorned with flowers or with some sort of jewelery. But hairstyle with pearls are not so common to find. Therefore here are some uncommon hairstyle ideas for the brides to be which will look striking for any pre wedding function. Have a look….

Pearls strings– Simple open hairstyle adorned with numerous pearl strings is so pretty for a bride. Pearl strings are easily available and you can also mix and match them with real flowers.

Pearls with tied back hair– A high or a simple pony at the back with curls is one of the most simple hairstyle to go for and it never fails to impress. You can use a mix of colored and white pearls in different sizes to highlight the upper part. Also if you want to add more pearls then you can continue using a few of them over the pony as well.

Side highlights– Probably one of the simplest way to add pearls to your hairstyle is to randomly do it on one side. Side parted hair with some soft curls left open and ornated with pearls, how feminine is this hairstyle.

Simple bun– A clean and sleek low lying bun is great for the ones who want to achieve a neat and clean look. The head can be ornated with several lines of pearls all over. You can decide how many lines you want and try to have at least two different sizes of pearls for best effect.

Braids– For the braids you can either use pearl pins in different sizes to create a pattern, or use a pearl lace to wind up the entire braid. For a more striking look you can use both the things like laces for braids and pearl pins all over the head.

All over pearls– If you are opting for an all open hairstyle then you can also highlight it all over with pearls. Using a pearl broach on one side with compliment the entire hairstyle or you can also use real flowers on one side.

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