4 Chain Style Delicate Mangalsutra Designs

Mangalsutra is one Indian bridal accessory which is available in numerous designs and styles. From heavy longer ones to the modern day diamond pieces, well there are takers for every segment. But the choices made by modern day brides definitely says that the delicate and not so gaudy designs are favorite with younger generation. Here are a few chain style mangalsutra designs for the modern age brides….

Chain style– A simple chain style mangalsutra is perfect for those who wish to wear something really delicate and not so gaudy. It can have a nice delicate pendant at the center along with a few black beads to make it look complete as a Mangalsutra.

Double layered– This one is quite contemporary as a design. Taking inspiration from the layered chain style designs you can have something as unusual as this one, and it wont fail to impress for sure. Though you can add different pendants in different sizes to the chains as repetitions of the same pendants won’t be so impressive.

Pendant chain– A delicate pendant chain can be paired with a simple delicate black bead chain. To make the entire neck piece look more delicate you can skip having a pendent on the shorter chain.

The elongated chain style– This style is not so common with people looking for traditional designs. But is definitely an option for those who want to go with fusion look.

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