5 Ways To Ornate Your Messy Or Loose Braids With Flowers

Braids especially the messy or the loose ones are so much in trend that everyone from the bride, to the relatives of the bride want to style their hair this way. And there are so many ways to do a messy braid and more than that there are ways to ornate it. How, well have a look at these styles…..

Highlight at the start– You can use small colorful flowers to highlight the top or the starting of the braid. Use one color flowers or simply mix and match different ones to create a playful look.

Step by step highlight– Carnations do their best when you have to use flowers where they have to be placed alone. Use them with baby breath flowers at equal distances and the set up will look gorgeous.

Flower broaches– Small flower broaches or small rose flowers can also be used in bunches to highlight the braid. Use them with baby’s breath flower as a base to add an extra design element to complete the look.

All over flowers– Another way to highlight your braid is to use big flowers and place them all over you braid. You don’t have to follow any pattern simply use them all over.

Mogra flowers– For a traditional look use mogra flowers to highlight your braid at equal distances.

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