Silver Payal Designs For The Brides To Be

Payal or anklet is an auspicious bridal accessory for the Indian brides, and therefore much attention is paid to the design of this accessory. And though payal’s are available in different materials, but the grace and charm of a silver payal is something which wins hearts. Here are a few design styles to watch out for….

Double payal style– Traditional anklet design having double strings is perfect for those who want something really dramatic and bold for their feet. The ones with connecting toe rings will make your pick more special.

The single payal design– You can also opt for a single payal design which has connecting toe rings pattern for a graceful look.

The plain ghungroo style– Though this one is quite often seen and is also quite popular with the brides, but its the best pick for those who want to explore something bold but without the connecting toe ring pattern.

Minakari patterns– If plain silver is not something you are eyeing on then go for colorful minakari motif for your payal design. The colorful motifs done over the subtle silver will look extraordinarily beautiful.

Chain Style– A simple chain style pattern is also what you can opt for. Mutli layer chain design is perfect for the brides.

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