8 Payal Designs Which Will Complete Your Traditional Accessory List

Payal is one traditional Indian accessory loved by the women from all the age groups. They come in different styles and materials and look gorgeous. These are few styles to check out….

Chain style– A simple chain is one of the simplest and the most popular payal style. The thickness of the base chain can vary from very thin to thick variations. An attachment of single piece ghunghroo in a row makes it look more appealing.

Anklet style– This is basically a version of the above chain style payal, but without the attachment of the ghunghroo’s.

Anklet with ghungroo– For the ones who want to have something in between, like a mix of chain style with a bit of ghungroo’s, this style is the best. It look modern yet traditional at the same time.

The ghungroo style– If you are a lover of a thick band style payal designs, then the one with multiple ghungroo’s will win your heart.

Toe ring attachment- Bichiya or toe ring is an important jewellery for the Indian bride’s. But instead of choosing it separately, you can go for a style like this where toe rings are attached to the main payal. Choose from the simple chain style attachments or go for the ones which come with motif attachments, the choice is endless.

Designs with motifs– Payal designs with traditional motifs like paisely, peacocks make a simple payal style look more unique. Such motifs are generally done in Meenakari style where different colors like maroon, red, green, blue are used to highlight the motifs.

Multiple layers– You can choose from the delicate style or the more exaggerated ones. The delicate ones have multiple thin chains attached to a single motif and the exaggerated ones can often have a thick anklet attached to the previous version.

Kundan style– Kundan payal is equally famous and gives a good break from the regular payal style.

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