Personalized Accessories For The Indian Brides

Indian weddings calls in for a lot of customization, whether its from the garments or the accessories or the decor and what not. And when it comes to the brides‘s garments and accessories selection the customization is on a next level. And why not after all there should be a personal touch to everything on your big day. Well here are some fun ways to get things personalized for your wedding…

Earrings– These customized earrings with the name of the groom is a perfect thing to wear at your Mehndi or Haldi ceremony. They are fun to wear and are also wacky at the same time. These earrings come with different phrases and are also available with phrases like ‘Dulhan ki Maa’ and ‘Dulhan Ki Behan’ and more. You can make everyone wear it for the pre wedding functions which will look super cool.

Tassels or latkans– So no traditional outfit is complete without a dramatic and voluminous latkans, and therefore this is the best accessory to pen down your names, something which everyone can easily figure out. You can use this concept for the lehnga tassels or the blouses of the saree and lehngas, deep neck kurta’s can also have the same concept.

Footwear– Many girls are opting for footwear which has a desi swag. There are different quotes or words written and highlighted on them and is a super cool way to personalize your footwear.

Embroidered blouses-Blouses with embroidered details like this on the back is another perfect thing to make your pre wedding functions more fun.

Chura– For the ones who wear chura this idea of using the names of the couple on the bangles is great. Since chura is considered as a very auspicious accessory for a bride, the idea of using the names for a personalized touch is perfect.

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