Mogra Flower Dupatta For The Brides

Real flower jewelry is very much in fashion since quite sometime, but have you ever thought of wearing a real flower dupatta for your wedding. If no then have a look at these pictures, these dupatta‘s or hair accessory or whatever you call it is just so unique and will definitely make you look the prettiest and the happiest bride ever…..

Non woven floor length dupatta– If you do not want to take the dupatta over your head and just wish to flaunt it over your loose hair then watch out for this style. Single strands of flowers are joined at one end to achieve this look, the best part is that you can customize it by adding the colors of the flowers of your choice, like if you have a pink color dress then add a few matching pink roses to the floral strands.

Jali Dupatta– This woven style is made by using single single flower buds of fresh flowers, so imagine the amount of work that goes into doing this great job. It is made fresh so you will not have the comfort of having it a days beforehand the main function, but believe us this truly takes all the limelight. Contrast color rose petals are used to create a border sort of a thing at the front so that it looks more beautiful.

The half-half style– And if you are not so sure of the all over floral dupatta, then the half-half style is a good option. In this the regular tulle dupatta is further ornated with the border of the fresh flowers.

Fabric base– And if transparent look is not something which you want for the dupatta then you can also get a similar effect by sewing the flowers over the base of the fabric. The floral dupatta is sewn to the fabric on the edges of the border so that it does not look transparent.Also this dupatta won’t be fragile like the previous one’s as the flowers are sewn to the fabric.

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